API Fall Scholarship Golf Tournament 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019 - 08:00

Come join us for a day of golf and fun with Friends, Coworkers, and Industry Peers. Morning: 8:00 am check in for 9:00 am start  at Soule Park Golf Course in Ojai to accommodate all schedules and travel.
There will be plenty of food, drink, and fun on the course! 

Company sponsorships are greatly appreciated! Please contact the API board if interested in sponsoring food, raffle prizes, or golfer gifts. All monetary donations go directly towards student scholarships. So please mark your calendars and bring your support.

Gold Sponsor Includes 1 Team Package, Hole / Sign Sponsor, Scholarship Sponsor $1000.00
Enter Player 1 and 2 names
Enter Player 3 and 4 names

Team Package per foursome, includes Team Entry, 4 API Memberships, and 1 Mulligan per player. 
Note: $25 worth of raffle tickets per player will be substitutes for the API Membership if the player has already paid his/her 2019 membership.
Enter Player 1 and 2 names
Enter Player 3 and 4 names

Individual Entry per golfer, includes API Membership $125.00
Enter Player's Name

Breakfast Sponsor ***Sponsor sign prominently displayed*** $200.00
Beverage Sponsor ***Sponsor sign prominently displayed*** $150.00
Mulligans $5.00 per player each or $20 for the team $5.00
Raffle tickets $10.00 increments $10.00
Scholarship Sponsor  ***Sponsor sign prominently displayed*** $250.00
Range Ball Sponsor ***Sponsor sign prominently displayed*** $120.00
Hole/Sign Sponsor  ***Sponsor sign prominently displayed*** $100.00
Donation/Door Prize     


Check-in 8:00 am check in for 9:00 am start

For golf tournament questions, contact Chris Shreffler @ 805-558-1701 or GolfChairman@api-coastal.org